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Breaking Blues 18W


The BENROD-ELECTRO Breaking Blues in combo version gathers the best of 2 great classics designed by Marshall® Amplification®- the Bluesbreaker and the JTM45, on separate channels!

The first channel produces that typical blues sound similar to Eric Clapton's during the John Mayal Bluesbreaker era. Other influencial guitarists went for this sound: Jeff Beck, Thom York, amongst others. The sound gets more and more overdriven by turning up the volume of the amp and is very sensitive to the model and output volume of the guitar.

The second channel offers more distortion and is definitely rock orientated. It is interesting to stress that this second channel does wonders when coupled with a quality distortion pedal and offers a great Metal style sound.

The Breaking Blues delivers a blasting 18 Watts (power tubes) on two different channels, each with their own personality. Its weight makes this combo amp easy to carry around. Give it a try, regardless of your music style, you will be seduced!

Technical specs

- 18 Watts
- 1 x CELESTION 'Greenback' 12" speaker
- 3 x 12AX7 / 2 x EL84 / 1 x EZ81
- 2 channels: NORMAL and LEAD
- 1 volume control on each channel
- 1 tone control on the NORMAL channel
- BASS, MID and TREB controls on the LEAD channel
- 4 inputs: 1 high and 1 low on each channel
- Powered by 220 or 240 Vac
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