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All the Benrod Amps
Plexi Rock TM 45WPlexi Rock 18W TREMOLOPlexi Rock 18W

Tone above all

Each amplifier built in our workshop is handwired point to point, just the way amplifiers used to be built in the golden times.
The parts and components used are selected from the best available on the market including: Heyboer, Mercury or transformers hand rolled in France - 715P or 716P Orange-Drop, 150 Mallory, Styroflex, Mica Capacitors - Metal or carbon-comp resistors - MOGAMI or cloth-covered wires for high quality signal and vintage look - Various tube brands such as JJ, Electro-Harmonix, Svetlana, Ei, TAD, New-Old-Stock on demand - Celestion, Jensen, Eminence, Weber speakers...
All our amplifiers are guaranteed for 10 years.
Plexi Rock 18W

The BENROD-ELECTRO Plexi Rock 18 Watts amp head version, just like the Breaking Blues combo, gathers the best of 2 great classics designed by Marshall® Amplification®- the Bluesbreaker and the JTM45, on separate channels! The first channel produces that typical blues sound similar to Eric Clapton's ...

Plexi Rock 18W TREMOLO

The BENROD-ELECTRO Plexi Rock 18 Watts TREMOLO in its head version is a great blues amp. The integrated tube tremolo sounds authentic and vintage. This amp has been played by legends such as Clapton, Mayall, Jeff Beck, Thom Yorke… You will get a more and more overdriven sound by turning up th ...

Plexi Rock TM 45W

The BENROD-ELECTRO Plexi Rock TM45W is entirely handwired, strictly based on the original schematics (Marshall® JTM45) and made from the best materials and parts available. This authentical sound, recognisable amongst hundreds will always be your road companion, in bar as well as on bigger stages. ...

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