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Benrod Electro

BENROD-ELECTRO was founded in 2006 and has since been dedicated to the manufacturing of boutique tube amplifiers and guitar effects, which represents the main core of our business. Besides this, we also build high-end guitar cable and we provide you with our expertise when it comes to guitar and amplifier parts, speakers (CELESTION, EMINENCE, JENSEN, FANE, ELECTRO-VOICE, TONE TUBBY...) and tubes from various manufacturers that we make available to you.


A Tone quest...

Most of our products are based on the original circuits which have left their mark in the history of music for the last 50 years. We started our business because, being guitar aficionados, we could not find the tone we were looking for amongst the vast product range that the main manufacturers offer nowadays. Every BENROD-ELECTRO product is handmade in our workshops based in France near Paris. Nothing is outsourced to countries where labour is not remunerated fairly.



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