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All the Benrod Effects
Classic ScreamerLight my FireWave BoxCream CanRed FuzzGold Bender

Tone above all

Like our amplifiers, ours effects pedals are entirely designed, built and tested in our workshops.
Again, the components used are selected for their best performance and sonic quality using: Germanium transistors (AC128, OC44, OC75) - Operational amplifiers (JRC4558D, NE5532, OPA604, TL072...) - Carbon and metal resistors - Polyester, polypropylene, styroflex, mica capacitors...
Part of the wiring uses MOGAMI wire and a "True-bypass" is always built in to guarantee transparence and genuine guitar signal.
Light my Fire

18 months... It took us 18 months to find THE perfect prototype!Before that there was always something we didn't like. We couldn't manage to get a great boost pairing well together with a buffer unit, small in size, with enough dynamic range, all in the same pedal. At some point we almost decided to ...

Wave Box

More than just a new pedal, it’s before anything else an exciting story… We are very proud to announce the WAVE BOX created on demand for… Steve Lukather himself via his guitar-tech. The year 2011 blew a wind of change on Steve’s touring gear: he wanted to lighten his rac ...

Cream Can

This is the latest BENROD-ELECTRO effects pedal : the “Cream Can”. This is an unusual overdrive that uses a pair of MOSFET for a more dynamic sound. It also uses germanium or silicium diodes for a really old-school sound. The overdrive gain is generated by a dedicated operational amp. ...

Gold Bender

The Goldbender: Clean Boost, Overdrive, Distortion or Tonebender ? Not really, but it's a bit of everything at the same time... At Benrod's we spent a long time searching out how to really "bend" an amplifier's tone, and give it a really big in your face sound, while maintaining a great level of ba ...

Classic Screamer

The BENROD 'Classic Screamer' is a very creamy overdrive with an incredible tone range. You can either use it as a vintage treble booster or as an overdrive to get a vast range of tones and gain. Its circuit is based on a JRC4558D. The 'Classic Screamer's' sound varies with the type of guitar used ...

Red Fuzz

The BENROD 'Red Fuzz' creates a great fuzz sound thanks to its circuit based on the 60's fuzz face schematic. Only germanium transistors are used: AC128, OC75 Mullard or OC44 Mullard. You choose ! It sounds just like the fuzz heard on records from the 60's and 70's. Technical specs - Con ...

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